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BB Reddy & Associates is close to a decade old, but the fame that the firm has earned is commendable. The firm has gained accolades in the advisory services that its’ experienced and renowned attorneys provide to their prestigious clientele.

The firm is unbeatable in the providing quality advisory services at to both domestic and international clients on a wide range of subjects one of its forte is providing advisory service on "Foreign Investment in India"

Considering the fact that India is the most favored destination of several multi-nationals for Foreign Direct Investment and has a great potential for many more years to come, our firm recognized this area of growth at its very initial stage and has developed a range of advisory services that they provide to clients who are seeking investment in India.

Briefly listed are some of the services that they provide on Foreign Direct Investment in India:

  • Formation of the Company and Law services
  • Project Finance
  • Private Equity
  • Tax Planning
  • Setting up Subsidiaries
  • Assisting in Establishment of Joint ventures
  • Corporate and Commercial Law services
  • Drafting all requisite Contracts, Agreements, and other Documentation. And many more.